Recent Large System Clients

  • Dalhousie University - CANDAC / OPAL

  • Optical Structures, Inc. designed to client specifications, fabricated, and delivered a unique 1 meter IR LIDAR telescope for Dalhousie Univerty, Nova Scotia, Canada. The telescope was shipped to Greenland and installed near the Eureka Weather Station. This facility is one of the most remote spots on Earth, located only some 300 miles from the North Pole.

    Due to the remote site, our unique system was designed to be able to break down into pieces that could fit into a small aircraft for transportation. The telescope was design also allowed for assembly in an extremently small lab space. The telescope components required no heavy equipment to remove, transport and assemble the system once on site. Two or three man teams were able to lift, fit, and assemble the telescope with nothing more than hand tools.

    OSI designed, machined, and fabricated all mechanical components in it's in house CNC machine shop and welding facility. In addition all optics were fabricated on site in our own optical shop.

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    • Fermi National Laboratory (Fermilab)

    • Optical Structures, Inc. ground, tested, and coated 4, 6-inch mirrors configured for UV use in an atmospheric ballon LIDAR system. This project was accomplished on short notice to client specifications.